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Surface Mount Technology in Printed Circuit Boards

What is SMT? Why SMT? And Who should you choose?

What is SMT?

In order to get the complex circuitry fitting in the small spaces, surface mount technology (SMT) is born to mount the components onto the circuit board rather than putting wire leads into holes drilled in the circuit board. The components made by SMT occupy less space and a single component can perform multiple tasks. In 1980s, SMT become popular since the surface mount devices (SMD) is introduced. Today SMT is the main technology used for electronics manufacturing. more

A Brief Overview of 3D Printing

3D printing lets designers generate complex shapes and parts - many of which cannot be made by conventional manufacturing methods. By the natural laws and regulations of physics, making through additive strategies implies that complexity doesn’t possess a cost; elaborate product designs with complicated style features now cost as much to produce as simple product patterns that follow all of the traditional rules of regular manufacturing.

Customize every single item. more

Future of 3D Printing


Educators and students have got long been working with 3D printers found in the classroom. 3D printing permits students to materialize their concepts in a fast and affordable way.

Primary & High Schools

3D printer manufacturers took up a more direct role in education. Companies generally undertake programs to promote technologies. These programs provide as a cheaper way for schools to create 3D printers available for use in classes. more

HP Improving Sustainability Through 3D Printing

Nowadays, companies are often looking to come to be socially conscious and extra aware of their private carbon footprint. As such, major companies are looking to different technology to keep their pledge to accomplish no harm. Commensurate with this are likely, HP recently explained that they intend to use new developments like 3D printing and their PageWide tech (an individual 4-colour printhead) to greatly help their businesses achieve sustainability goals. more


Just how do different 3D printing technologies work?

All 3D printing technologies create physical objects from digital designs layer by layer, but each using its very own proprietary method. To shed the confusion, we’re designed an infographic highlighting all the primary technologies beginning with the high level grouping, guiding through the printing method, precise technology titles, material alternatives and closing with the key industry players. more

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