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The Basic of 3D Printing

How does 3D printing work?

Every 3D printing starts as an electronic 3D design file - like a blueprint - for a physical object. Trying to printing with out a design file is similar to trying to print a file on a sheet of paper with out a text data file. This design data file is sliced into skinny layers which is after that sent to the 3D printer. more

The Materials

What resources can be utilised for 3D printing?

Selecting the right 3D printing material designed for your project is vital. Which material is most suitable is largely dependent upon your specific use circumstance. In this section, you’ll locate the most frequent 3D printing materials. Read more about them, evaluate them side-by-area and pick yours. more

Types of 3D Printing Technologies and Processes

There are several ways to 3D print. Each one of these technology are additive, differing predominantly in the manner layers are build to create an object.

Some methods use melting or softening material to extrude layers. Others treat a photo-reactive resin with a UV laser beam (or another similar vitality source) layer by level. more

Who's using 3D printing

One of the biggest reasons for having 3D printing is that it usually is beneficial for anyone, irrespective of industry or profession. In this article we collected some common examples to show how people work with 3D printing and just why they find the technology as their desired prototyping of manufacturing way for specific use cases. more

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