High Purity Alumina

3 Surprising Uses for High Purity Alumina

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How is High Purity Alumina Used?

High purity alumina is a lightweight, strong and heat-resistant material. It is mainly used in the manufacture of aluminum alloys, semiconductors, refractories, ceramics and composite materials. It’s also used in fire protection systems for aircraft and other sectors where quality and reliability are vital. There are many different uses for high purity alumina; some of the most common include: 1) Aluminum Alloys 2) Semiconductors 3) Refractories 4) Ceramics 5) Composites

Where is High Purity Alumina Used?

Alumina is used in a wide variety of industries and products. The uses for alumina are so numerous that it’s hard to list them all here. Alumina is used in industry, electric power, chemical engineering, building materials and more.

Surprising Uses of High Purity Alumina

1. Alumina in Ceramics In ceramics production, alumina is an important raw material that can be used to replace some of the clay or other materials that are typically used. This use is due to its high resistance to heat and corrosion as well as thermal shock. The other benefits of using alumina include its low weight, low cost, and good chemical stability. 2. Alumina in Dental Industry In the dental industry, high purity alumina is used for a variety of purposes. These include shaping materials for crowns, bridges and dentures such as those containing gold alloys or zirconium dioxide. They are also used in polishing the surfaces of teeth and restoring tooth structure after decay has been removed or when teeth have been structurally compromised through trauma. Alumina is used because it has a high hardness which means it can create a hard surface on the teeth when polished properly which provides durability against wear and tear caused by grinding food particles against the teeth every day. Additionally, its hardness means it does not scratch easily so it does not need to be replaced often which saves money for both dentists and patients. 3. Alumina in Textiles Alumina powder has many uses in textiles including use as a filler to increase strength or add fire-retardance to textile fibers while maintaining their natural softness, suppleness and warmth (due to its excellent heat conductivity). It can also be


Alumina is a tough material to work with, but it has a ton of uses that don’t always involve high temperatures. Here are three of the most surprising. 1. Alumina Well Pads Alumina is used by oil and gas companies to create well pads that are able to stand up to the high pressures of oil and gas extraction. 2. Alumina Insulation Alumina is used to create foam insulation that is lightweight, easy to work with and has a high resistance to heat. 3. Alumina Window Pane Adhesive Aluminum is used as an adhesive in window panes, making it a perfect choice for double glazed windows that are shatterproof and heat-resistant.