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Best Robot Vacuums For Hardwood Floors

Viomi V3 Max is a new take on the traditional robot vacuum cleaner. It has an innovative proprietary technology that allows it to clean the home in a more efficient way than other robot cleaners.

The company has patented radar-based lidar navigation system that allows it to map out your home and know precisely where all the furniture pieces are located. So it never misses spots or bump into pieces of furniture, which makes it perfect for households with pets.

Why Viomi V3 MAX Is The Best Robot Vacuum

This lidar robot vacuum and mop is an advanced cleaning machine with all the features we’ve come to love from these next-generation robots while offering a more impressive cleaning performance than most. This robot can easily handle hardwood and tile and does remarkably well on low- or medium-pile carpets. It has many great features that make it super useful in a variety of home situations. These include automatic carpet boost, multi-level mapping, and an extra-large water reservoir. And its smart LIDAR navigation and patented algorithm allowed it to clean more quickly and efficiently than others.

Most vacuum cleaners are just that — vacuum cleaners. They can help pick up dust and small debris off your floor, but nothing else. This lidar robot vacuum, however, comes with a 3-in-1 cleaning system. This robot vacuum cleaner can vacuum, and mop your house, and do it incredibly effectively. You get three different modes here, including sweep only, sweep and mop, and mop only, and you can choose whichever mode you require. With a combination of these modes, the Viomi V3 Max Robot Vacuum can easily clean your house from dust, dirt, footprints, stains, and pet hair without breaking a sweat.

It cleans the hardwood floor better than other robot vacuums

It is the perfect little vacuum for hard to reach places. It is 2″, about 4.6 lbs and is ideal for the kitchen, bathroom and pantry. It has a long battery life that allows you to vacuum the house for up to 300 minutes under quiet mode.

It has a longer battery life than other vacuums in the market

It uses lidar-based navigation system to map your home and knows all the furniture pieces that are located in the house

It has the laser sensor inside of the V3 MAX that detects objects and can differentiate between the flooring and carpet, which is the main difference between traditional robot cleaners and Viomi V3 MAX.

This is the reason why the company claims that V3 MAX is smart enough to be able to clean your hardwood floors.

It features a true high-power brush and spinning brush in the top of the device and two side brushes that work together to sweep the floor.

It features a unique cleaning system that allows it to use both the spinning brush and the high-powered brush at the same time. The spinning brush is attached to the vacuum cleaner’s rotating head and helps it clean the floors. The high-powered brush helps the robot vacuum clean all the hard-to-reach places in your house.

It is small enough to clean under furniture, yet big enough to do a good job cleaning the whole room

The 360-degree swiveling spinning brush, which can be changed out for different brushes depending on your needs, also does a great job at cleaning all surfaces. It comes equipped with a standard 1.6-volt rechargeable battery, and a long-lasting lithium ion rechargeable battery that can last up to three hours. This gives it the ability to vacuum for hours on end.

Handsomely designed, the robot vacuum cleaner has a sleek modern design and a body made from plastic. The vacuum cleaner also comes with a bright and easy-to-use remote control.

Remote control with voice activated control

The Viomi V3 MAX comes with remote control that is connected to the Mijia app. So the user can control the vacuum from anywhere in the world with the phone. The app lets the user schedule cleaning times and even changes the program mode. It also gives the user an estimate of how much the vacuum will take to clean based on how high the floor is.