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Best Robot Vacuums of 2021

That’s very much what Viomi has produced in the form of the V3 Max Robot Vacuum, an extremely advanced and impressive addition to your home that will keep things impressively clean and prove really easy both to set up and maintain. Find out some of the key points that make it so impressive, right here.

3-IN-1 Sweep, Mop & Vacuum
With the Viomi V3 Max , Viomi is taking a very interesting approach, introducing a cleaning design that can simultaneously take care of cleaning and mopping functions in a single smart vacuum cleaner. Letting the user choose the level of cleaning they want, or just giving them an automatic clean-up system, the V3 Max Robot Vacuum is a really efficient machine that cleans floors with the aid of a special carpet brush and mop head for anywhere there are stains, while the array of sensors and intelligent navigation allow it to avoid obstacles in its way. Through using the vacuum to clean up the mess, the robot vac can also take care of mopping the floors, removing any hard dirt and dust.

Born for Mopping
At first glance, you could be forgiven for thinking that the V3 Max has been aimed at a niche market, given that you can’t actually control it using an app. Thankfully, this is an illusion as it’s super-easy to use – just place the ‘petals’ where you want to clean, hit the start button and you’re good to go. You’ll also find that it comes with a pretty decent user interface that also doesn’t seem like it’s from 2016. It’s not just a case of entering in a destination, either – it will actually help you pick up the debris you’ve swept up so you can move on to your next chore. You can either schedule the V3 Max to work on a schedule, or just let it mop by itself for as long as it likes, which should help it earn its keep.

MiHome App, Google Assitant and Amazon Alexa
You’ll be able to use MiHome’s app to control the V3 Max Robot Vacuum and set it to a schedule. There’s also a feature called ‘Clean Week’ in which you can set a schedule and the robot vacuum will perform the cleaning at the most convenient time, for the most amount of time. Once you’ve set your schedule, just scan the barcode that the robot vacuum comes with and you can start your cleaning routine. As for Alexa and Google Assistant, the V3 Max Robot Vacuum is compatible with these smart assistants. Alexa and Google home are currently incompatible, but there’s a system in place whereby you will need to download the MiHome Home Assistant app to your iOS or Android devices. Once you have, you can control and access the robot vacuum with your voice. It’s a really smart idea, and can prove really useful.

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