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BLB Industries Rebrands and Turns into New HQ

Swedish computer printer manufacturer BLB Market sectors has announced that they have rebranded as “Industry”, and they will be implementing new (renewable) strategies for the business moving onward.

Industry is a renowned manufacturer of FGF systems (fused granule fabrication), which uses thermoplastic granules alternatively than filament to print 3D vinyl parts.

You can read more about how precisely the ex – BLB Market sectors used granule printing to get rid of filament in this earlier article of ours, the following.


The full new legal name of the company may be the Industry Sweden Belly, and to any extent further they will be referring to themselves as Industry. Furthermore to obtaining a swanky new name, the business will be relocating their HQ from Värnamo (where they may have lived given that they were founded back 2016, to Malmö on the country’s south seacoast.

“Moving the business to Malmö with it’s close distance to an international airport will build the bottom for a fresh company in the 4th commercial revolution that permits local recycled materials to be 3D branded into almost any kind of product that later can be recycled again in it’s after life,” said co-owner Stefan Larsson.

“With this know-how in 3D design software and 3D creation technology we will create a new successful renewable technology company from Sweden and build it for a huge world market that is projected to expand from a 12 Billion USD market to 120 next four years.”

This would be the start of a fresh scalable business model for the business, and they’ll be concentrating on developing strong brand reputation, with new products with a renewable objective to participate fighting cheap pollution.

To this aim, the company is likely to to push out a new industrial FGF printer, which has been redesigned with mass development at heart.

The FGF system is well suited for use of recycled plastics as the amount of digesting steps is reduced in changing raw materials into feedstock in comparison with filaments. It will be capable of stamping rubbers and certain biofibers fillers such as timber, hemp and flax.

Industry desires that the computer printer can be the most sustainable printer on the marketplace in conditions of large level granule printing.

This new computer printer will be aggressively listed and will have an enormous build area of 1500x1200x1200 mm.

New Stakeholders

As well as changing the company name and relocating to the new HQ, the company has gained some new shareholders with a wealth of knowledge and experience to fortify the company.

One of the shareholders are Stefan Larsson (lostboyslab / BIMobject), Johan and Jan Karlsson (Bk-Pac Invest) and popular business angel John Fällström from Stockholm.

Larsson, who’s a well-known 3D CAD expert and technical entrepreneur in addition has been newly elected in to the board of directors.

“Were so pleased with the transformation we are actually implementing in the business and the give attention to sustainable development and materials,” said Emil Cajfeldt, CEO of Industry.

“We are extremely much looking forward to showcasing our new computer printer and technology as well as exhibiting the earth what future sustainable manufacturing can appear to be. I am very pleased with our new shareholders and the extensive support, knowledge and positivity that they add. You want to start and educate people’s views on sustainability and additive developing. The options are endless and someone must take responsibility for leading the development and we, as well as partners, are ready to accomplish that.”

If you would like to learn more about “Industry”, or wish to learn about their large-scale FGF printer (known as “Magnum”) you’ll be able to head to their website as of this link for more information.