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Projectors’ Era is Coming Four Recommended Projectors for 2021

Projectors’ Era is Coming Four Recommended Projectors for 2021

An Ultimate Guide to Whatever Kind of Projector You Need

Have you ever wanted a movie theater experience in your own home, without the expensive cost of a giant-screen television set? Do you want to experience what it’s like to play a game on a big screen?Or do you want to be able to watch movies while you’re traveling or in the outside? If so, a projector is your new best friend. The big question is, how do you find the right projector for you? You can find a wide variety on the market, each with its own features, pros, and cons. Therefore, the process of buying a projector can be very tedious and difficult especially when you don’t know what you want from the projector.

In this article, you will find that we have selected the recommended four projectors. Each projector has its own outstanding features and the most suitable scene. Therefore, when are you going to buy, you can read our projector recommendations. It will tell you more about the knowledge of the projectors and how to find a projector to meet your personal requirements perfectly.

Best Projector for Beginners——LG HU80KA

Most people shrink back at the sight of the difficulty of projectors’ setup. Like trying to wire it up a to a ceiling mount or finding a table of perfect height and distance to get a clean image, we won’t pretend that getting a projector installed is an easy thing. Thankfully, LG HU80KA solves these problems for you.

Comes in a compact, portable form factor, the HU80KA doesn’t require a table or stand, making it easy to wire, position, and setup. A laser-based light source, full 4k, HDR10 resolution and 2,500 lumens of brightness facilitate cinema-style viewing, with the ability to project a 150-inch screen. You can even stream audio via Bluetooth without a home theater receiver. If you want a huge picture but don’t want to break out a stud finder and mounting brackets when it arrives, this is the best projector you can buy.

Best Projector for Home Theater——XGIMI H2

Most people choose to buy projectors in order to build a home theater for a better movie experience, then a fantastic home projector is of great importance.

XGIMI, the home projector brand in China, devotes to bring outstanding home theater to every family. The latest global projector model——XGIMI H2 is a cost-effective home projector for you to choose. With the screenless TV XGIMI H2, you don’t even need the equipment to build a home theater, such as the hi-fi equipment. The XGIMI H2 projects a full HD image with a 1350 ANSI Lumens brightness, which enables you to enjoy watching movies both day and night. Other impressive features of the projector like built-in Harman Kardon sound, motion compensation, 3D function, and automatic keystone correction also contributes a perfect home theater experience. If you’re looking to build a premium home theater, XGIMI H2 is the best and affordable giant-screen home projector for you!

Best Portable Projector——Nebula Capsule

If you’re a frequent traveler however need a projector for some needs, then a portable projector with a big screen might help, whether you’re about to play a movie or make a presentation. Nebula Capsule is the best portable projector that you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Android 7.1 enables you to play contents from your favorite video streaming app or mirrors your phone’s screen to create pictures up to 100 inches big. With four hours of battery life, 100 lumens of brightness, this tiny handheld projector is adequate for most pop-up projection needs. Equipped with 360° Speaker, Capsule can pump out the sound in every direction and give an immersive entertainment experience.

Of course, as a portable projector, its body adopts a seamless aluminum design and ensures greater durability. If you’re looking for a tiny little projector to take with you anywhere, this is the one we’d pick.

Best Projector for Gaming——Optoma G1080

With gaming, a primary concern is a low input lag on the projector. For pro-gamers, Optoma G1080 is a fine choice for quality and speed. Comes with the built-in DarbeeVision, Optoma G1080’s graphics processor is capable of display high-resolution image. Not only the processor, for game players, the position of the projector can also drastically affect your gaming experience. If it sits in a low position directly behind the couch, then you’ll need to sit to one side to avoid any shadows. So, in a not big space, Optoma is no doubt the good yet budget friendly high-end projector for shorter distances. The game mode in G1080 creates good quality flowing graphics at 16ms. Its contrast ratio reaches 28,000:1 yet price not too high. The Darbee system also has an advanced color correction which makes the picture extra crisp.
If you’re a crazy gamer, I’m sure this big-screen, no-lag projector will give you a whole new experience.

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