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Surface Mount Technology in Printed Circuit Boards

Surface Mount Technology in Printed Circuit Boards

What is SMT? Why SMT? And Who should you choose?

What is SMT?

In order to get the complex circuitry fitting in the small spaces, surface mount technology (SMT) is born to mount the components onto the circuit board rather than putting wire leads into holes drilled in the circuit board. The components made by SMT occupy less space and a single component can perform multiple tasks. In 1980s, SMT become popular since the surface mount devices (SMD) is introduced. Today SMT is the main technology used for electronics manufacturing.

Why SMT?

Since the wires in wired components need to be pre-formed to fit the relevant hole spacing, and even so they are likely to go wrong in placement, SMT quickly gain its popularity in the industry due to its advantages of efficiency in both design and manufacture phrases.

  1. Save space: By employing SMT, components occupy less space and the processes needed for connecting to the board. The sizes of SMD components are typically one quarter to one tenth of through-hole devices. The density of components is comparably higher and makes a smaller board or even fewer boards.
  2. Save cost: Through simplified setup and less hole drilling operations, SMT allows automated production and soldering, which improves the manufacturing efficiency and reduces the cost. Many SMD components are less expensive that their leaded counterparts.
  3. Better performance: A single component is able to perform multiple tasks. Under vibration or shaking conditions, SMT components offer a better performance. It may also have short pins or leads of various styles, flat contacts or terminations on the body.

At present, the world’s largest manufacturers of SMD are as follows:

  1. Japan: Panasonic, FUJI, JUKI, SANYO, YAMAHA, Sony, HITACHI, Tianlong.
  2. Us: Universal Instruments
  3. Korea: Samsung
  4. Germany: SIEMENS, PHILPS.

Shenzhen Mincom Co. Ltd is a fast-developing SMT & PCBA services provider that offering professional services on small volume and R&D sample production with rich experience in the industry. Its manufacturing guidelines has passed ISO9001, IPC, and IATF16949 certificate. Besides, MINCOM has won the title of “Famous Brand in SMT Industry in China”. To keep its promises of “24-hour on time delivery” and “12-hour urgent order delivery”, MINCOM has introduced 2 YAMAHA YSM20 SMT assembly systems and equipped with NPM-D3 Electronics Assembly Machine and NPM-TT from Panasonic. So far, its market is expanded to Europe, North America, South America, Russia, Australia, and all over the Southeast Asia.

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