High Purity Alumina

What is Alumina Flakes?

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What is Alumina flakes?

Alumina is a compound made up of aluminum and oxygen (chemical formula Al2O3). Alumina is typically used as an abrasive in sandpaper, polishing powders, and paint and coatings. A common form of alumina is the flake form. Alumina flakes are the most commonly used form of alumina because they offer high purity value with low density.

Alumina Flakes benefits

Alumina is a white powder with the molecular composition of Al2O3, and aluminum oxide is not easy to be dissolved by acid or alkaline. So alumina can be used in the production of acid-resisting ceramic products. Furthermore, due to its high purity, alumina has been widely used as a raw material for refractories.

Alumina flakes pros cons

Alumina can be used in many different industries, but is most commonly used in the construction industry as a reinforcing agent. Pros: * Aluminium is low cost to produce * It is lightweight, which makes it easy to transport and maneuver * There are no chemicals added during production, so it is safe for humans Cons: * The manufacturing process releases carbon dioxide * Manufacturing process releases sulphates and heavy metals into the air

Different types of Alumina

Alumina is a compound of the elements aluminium and oxygen that has the formula Al2O3. There are many different varieties of alumina, and they have different properties due to their different crystal structures. It can be made into a powder, or heat-treated to make it hard.