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Who’s using 3D printing

Who’s using 3D printing

One of the biggest reasons for having 3D printing is that it usually is beneficial for anyone, irrespective of industry or profession. In this article we collected some common examples to show how people work with 3D printing and just why they find the technology as their desired prototyping of manufacturing way for specific use cases.

Car Manufacturers

3D printing is very little stranger to the motor vehicle industry in terms of both prototypes and also finished parts. Amongst others, many Formula 1 racing clubs have been employing 3D printing for prototyping, testing and eventually, creating custom car parts that are being used in competitive races. Likewise, Swedish car producer Koenigsegg uses 3D printing to produce the variable turbocharger for their One:1 model – an automobile which has an astonishing 1:1 HP-to-Kg curb pounds ratio. The fully metallic part isn’t just extremely lightweight, but may also endure the brute drive of hypercar combustion and challenging racetrack conditions.


Did you know that nearly all today’s hearing helps are 3D printed? The medical and prosthetics discipline has generally benefited from the adoption of 3D printing. Custom shapes such as for example hearing aids no more need manual labour, with 3D printing the could be made out of the click of a button. This implies substantially more affordable costs and lower development times.


Similar to hearing helps, prosthetics and different assistive medical devices, braces and retainers are tailored particularly for the necessities of their end user. Unsurprisingly, this employed to pose a problem as a result of time and strength required to manually produce each product. With the intro of 3D printing in the dental and orthodontics fields, that is now a issue of days gone by. Today, a dental surgeon or orthodontist is now able to 3D scan a client’s jaw and pearly whites and digitally construct and manufacture custom braces specific to the finish user. The dental market all together has fully embraced 3D printing and there happen to be possibly dedicated 3D printer designs designed specifically for manufacturing dental helps and molds.


One of the most telling examples of how 3D printing is revolutionizing the lives of many for the better will come in the sort of the e-NABLE prosthetic hand. The free and easy-to-make 3D published prosthetic hand was created to be easily created for children in need of a prosthetic gadget. Among other explanations why the e-NABLE job is revolutionary is because as kids grow, in addition they outgrow their prosthetic gadgets. When produced through regular manufacturing methods, the unit can cost thousands of us dollars. With 3D printing, the children – along with a global community of engineers and designers who’ve generously donated their time and information – can create their unique custom prosthetic devices and produce them at very reasonable prices.

Aircraft Manufacturers

GE Aviation and Safran are suffering from a strategy to 3D print gas nozzles for jet engines. The technology allows engineers to replace complex assemblies with an individual part that’s lighter than previous designs, saves weight and boosts a jet engine’s fuel effectiveness by up to 15%. GE’s latest LEAP engines embody 19 of the 3D printed petrol nozzles and will power new narrow-physique planes like the Boeing 737MAX and the Airbus A320neo.

Aerospace Companies

Elon Musk’s commercial space organization SpaceX used 3D printing to produce the engine chambers for their SuperDraco engine; the engine which will be mounted on the company’s Dragon spacecraft. This decision cut lead-time considerably and took the idea from the drawing plank to 1st firing in only three months. The engine chambers happen to be printed using Inconel, a high-performance very alloy, and possesses been tested successfully dozens of times.

Prop Makers

Since the earliest days of cinema, the props found in videos were the domain of pros working yourself for large video studios. With the intro of 3D printing, however, making props is becoming more accessible and inexpensive for everybody. This particular prop is manufactured by Vitaly Bulgarov, an idea custom from California in collaboration with Factor 31, a Los Angeles-structured digital fabrication studio.

Product Designers

As a small organization that creates modular wall art, Mak Goods needed a remedy for creating a high-quality prototype for a fresh product theory. Using selective laser beam sintering (SLS), the business could 3D print a short production run of 4,000 pieces which were used to gain valuable feedback from their user test group. At this time, it was simple to make design refinements and fix problems before committing to more formal – and high-priced – conventional manufacturing orders.


Prior to the introduction of 3D printing into the field of architecture, creating scale models was an exceptionally laborious and time-consuming plan that was essential for architects to communicate their design intent. Today, both large organizations and independent architects can easily and easily create 3D printed scale model immediately from their existing CAD data that is employed for developing blueprints. According to the desired degree of communication, these 3D printed models can be imprinted in multiple products and realistic colours.


3D printing offers college students from multiple areas of research an affordable solution to create their ideas tangible in the first stages of the design process. Through doing work iteratively with prototypes, students can easily learn from the types, refine them and gain working experience towards developing the perfect design solution. This particular bicycle project was created by Industrial Engineering college students from the Fontys Technical University of SYSTEMS who translated their digital design and style into a 3D imprinted scale model.

Design Entrepreneurs

As a design entrepreneur, Omar Rada founded his provider with one target: to make a specialist chef’s knife on a residence cook’s budget. The effect is the Misen Kitchen Knife, which continued to raise a staggering $1,083,344 USD from 13,116 backers on Kickstarter. The make use of 3D printing in their design method helped Omar and his design and style team refine the knife into a suitable style that could be manufactured at an inexpensive that was after that passed onto the buyer. “He started printing simply the knife cope with as a toe-in-water way”, explains Rada. “After we were comfortable with the handle design, we then started taking into consideration the blade. After many 3D prints afterwards, we combined everything into a final knife design that people were able to make use of as a reference for our last material prototypes.”


As an engineer with an eyes for good design, Rob Halifax felt that some common product types are universally ‘ugly’. Along with his engineering understanding, he was able to take things into his own hands and began the process of redesigning his have razor. Employing 3D printing, he was able to focus on multiple iterations until he arrived at a design alternative that he sensed was the best. Soon after, he turned his idea right into a good Kickstarter campaign, which resulted in a sustainable business. “D printing possesses been instrumental in turning my idea into a organization,” says Halifax. “There is absolutely no other way we’re able to have got this far so quickly while taking care of to lower costs.”

Drone Enthusiasts

As an industrial designer, Ken Giang loves designing and 3D printing drones as a spare time activity in his leisure time. “One of the benefits of employing 3D printing is normally that I could produce unlimited extra parts without counting on external vendors except for the electronics,” he clarifies. “Furthermore, I can develop and customize my multi-copter patterns around my particular demands. This motivates me to preserve designing parts and become creative to build up new and better ideas.”

Shoe Manufacturers

Although it’s taken awhile to arrive here, mass customization of consumer goods is now more achievable through 3D Printing. A pioneer on this front side is Adidas, who developed the first 3D published midsole as a component in a ready-to-wear shoe. This midsole is normally tailored specifically to the needs of the average person end user and can be manufactured on-demand, consequently eliminating the necessity for transport, factories, and excessive recyclables. In the near future, Adidas could customize and build each exceptional shoe design for a price that could be considered ‘mass creating’ them.

Consumer Product Makers

Among the first types of 3D printed customer products is the Print+ headphones. They’re delivered as a kit, which include all the consumer electronics and the hearing cushions in an environment friendly field that’s the fraction of how big is a regular headphone. The rest of the parts are delivered to the consumer digitally, that they can 3D printing themselves or get 3D printed locally. The end merchandise is normally a headphone that’s totally customizable, upgradeable and simple to fix.

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